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August 13, 2021

Kuwait supports essential health system availability in Syria with additional USD 3 million
12 August 2021, Damascus, Syria – WHO welcomes a new donation from the Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development to support health care for …
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3000 Fort Bragg soldiers being sent to Kuwait
A brigade of 3,000 to 3,500 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne will be sent to Kuwait.
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Fort Bragg troops headed to Kuwait, will be on standby if needed in Afghanistan capital
A brigade of about 3,500 troops from Fort Bragg will also go to Kuwait to be on standby if needed in Kabul, public affairs officer Matt Visser confirmed …
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Kuwait's economic makeover under threat
Kuwait's economic makeover under threat … and also help Kuwait diversify away from oil, which brings in 90 percent of state revenues but is looking …
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Kuwait struggles to get rid of world's biggest tyre graveyard
Kuwait is struggling hard to scrap the world's largest tyre graveyard, which scientists fear could create environmental and health hazards, Anadolu …
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Welcoming date season in Kuwait
In Kuwait, date palms provide the majority of fruit produced in the country. The Kuwaiti people often plant palm trees in their gardens. Fruit bearing palm …
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Kuwait Investment Authority appoints managing director – KUNA
CAIRO- The board of Kuwait's sovereign fund has appointed Ghanem Al-Ghaniman as managing director, the official news agency KUNA reported on …
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Facebook most used social media 'platform' in Kuwait
With regard to the most used broadcast playback applications in Kuwait for 2021, the data revealed that Tik Tok is the most used site in Kuwait with 35.9 …
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'Salaries for expats, Kuwaiti teachers to stay suspended'
KUWAIT CITY, Aug 12: The Ministry of Education resolved the issue on suspending the payment of the salaries of teachers who have been absent …
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Kuwait 'deeply concerned' over threat to shipping in Arabian Gulf
Fire erupted aboard the Cormo Express carrying 50,000 Australian sheep at Kuwait's Shuwaikh port where it docked after Saudi Arabia rejected it on …
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